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Ophellie Fit allows you to look after both your mental and physical wellness. Simply create someplace in your living room or basement, go outside in your backyard and start working out with Ophellie Fit.

Our Workouts

Whether you want to add cardio, HIIT, dance, box, stretch, sweat, or mix it up, you will find something that suits your preferences on our website. At Ophellie Fit, we have compiled the best workout subscriptions to help you get your ideal workout done without leaving the comfort of your own home.


Want to bring balance and peace to your mind, body, and spirit? We provide a wide variety of yoga classes to help you de-stress.


Want to reduce muscle tension and stiffness? Stretch it out with a program that promises to help you improve your flexibility in weeks.

Quick HIIT

Want to start your day with more energy, focus, and optimism? Morning workouts may lend a hand—make it happen today.


Want to get your heart pumping with our cardio exercises? Start working on your muscles today. Try it yourself.

Loose Weight

Want to loose weight or burn fat? Our loose weight workouts are one of the best to help you loose weight fast.

Belly Workout

Looking to tone and tighten your tummy? Say goodbye to shapewear. Sculpt your abs with a belly workout.

Ophellie Fit Programs

Are you a beginner or refresher? Sign up for Ophellie Fit programs and start working out today.

Ophellie Fit Body Shape

Having trouble losing fat or building muscle? Get the most flattering fit for your body shape, height, and size with Ophellie Fit Body Shape.

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Monthly Membership @ Ophellie Fit

Get ready to stick to your physical and mental wellness goals with self-help guides, e-books, and products—all accessible under one roof with a monthly membership.

Speak to a life coach

Our coaches allow you to work on you. Whether you need help with confidence, stress, anxiety, nutrition, or fitness help, then ophellie Fit’s coaching program is for you.


Get inspired by the wealth of knowledge we've accumulated over many years in the health and fitness business. You may read all books for free.


You cannot handle everything life throws your way, but you can manage how well you care for yourself with our self-help guides.

Mental Wellness

We believe that physical and mental wellness goes hand-in-hand. Everyone needs to work on mental wellness to ensure they can live healthy, happy lives.

Ophellie Fit can help you better your mental wellness by providing you with access to our groups and an extensive collection of self-help books, videos, and eBooks. Our resources can effectively help support you through mental wellness issues such as stress or life coaching.

We understand your concerns and reservations regarding discussing mental wellness issues. Therefore, we make it easier to seek help so that you can live a better life without being anchored down with ramifications of deteriorating mental wellness.

Our dream is to create a safe place where you have easy access to unique solutions for mental wellness.

A Smarter Way to Address Mental Wellness

Here is our extensive collection of resources that can help you through mental problems and issues:

  • Self-help books
  • Videos
  • eBooks
  • Support groups

Get Fit Anywhere,
Get Fit Anytime

From healthy recipes and fitness regimens to self-help guides and e-books., the Ophellie Fit app is a daily companion tool to boost your path toward a holistically healthy lifestyle.

What our Customers say about us

Rebecca Brown / Manager

I’m not very good at writing reviews, but this one’s important. So, I just want to take a moment to thank everyone at Ophellie Fit. This application has changed my life for the better. With a video library of hundreds of recipes, e-books, guides, and workout routines, I’m glad I have everything on my smartphone, just a few clicks away. Thank you for this. I don’t miss my workouts anymore, and I’ll be forever grateful.

Sasha / Gymer

Okay, so I’m a 63kg woman who badly wanted to transform her body, not to impress the people around, but for my healthy self. After trying out a dozen fitness applications and wasting almost $500 on terrible memberships, I came across Ophellie Fit. I’m so, so happy I took a chance on this one because over the last six months, I was able to lose 12kgs. THAT’S HUGE! Wouldn’t be possible without Ophellie Fit. A massive thank you.

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