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Ophellie Fit is a one-stop shop for everything you need to become physically and mentally fit. Our platform offers exclusively effective ways to improve your metal and physical health for an improved quality of life. Ophellie Fit is on a mission to transform lives across the globe with a seamlessly integrated digital platform that makes optimal health and wellness accessible to all. An Ophellie Fit membership provides tools, resources and support required to ensure holistic wellness at every level, facilitating a supported self-help approach that puts members at the center of their wellness journeys.

Most fitness platforms dedicate their products solely toward physical fitness, failing to realize that one’s mental and physical health go hand in hand. We, however, combine both approaches to make you feel healthier in your body and mind.

We provide workout trainings, weekly trainings, self-help videos, self-help eBooks, shopping, recipes, and therapist services.

We believe in a holistic approach to keep you fit enough to take on anything!


The right workout training can help you achieve your fitness goals in just a few weeks. We provide a weekly workout training routine that targets different body parts per day of the week. One day we focus on building your leg muscles, while another day, we concentrate on strengthening the core.

Our expert and seasoned fitness professionals meticulously design every workout regimen to suit your body type and improve your fitness.  From beginners to experienced gym-goers, every fitness enthusiast can benefit from the plan since it helps you step out of your comfort zone. You can also use them to exercise at home using the workout training, providing ease and comfort since you can workout at a time of your choosing.


Our self-help guides and videos boast simple ways to make necessary adjustments to your life for a positive attitude and successful life. These guides help deal with social anxiety, bring instant calm, teach mindfulness, aid with meditation, help deal with panic attacks, teach breathing techniques and de-stress mechanisms, and more. Our self-help videos can help you make small changes that result in big differences.


We provide self-help and health eBooks to guide you towards a better quality of life. The self-help books are designed to guide you on meditation, memory, yoga, mental health, procrastination, success visualization, fat meltdowns, daily affirmations, and peak productivity. The health eBooks can guide you on how gluten affects the body, superfoods, fitness psychology, losing weight, reversing the aging process, and more.


Ophellie Fit offers different vegan, vegetarian, and other healthy recipes that you can enjoy. Our expert chefs have created great combinations that provide healthy meal recommendations and recipes for optimum physical fitness. These easy-to-follow recipes can give you a boost in energy like never before.


We have a team of expert therapists who can help you deal with mental health struggles like social anxiety, depression, PTSD, and BPD. Even if you don’t have a diagnosed mental illness, it can still be beneficial for your overall health to receive therapy from professionals. Our extensive network of therapists can help you resolve psychological trauma that often leads to physical repercussions.

Sometimes, anxiety or depression can have debilitating effects on our bodies. Going to therapy can help you better manage and cope with mental issues, resulting in a better quality of life.


Ophellie Fit provides tried and tested products that can assist you in your fitness journey. All of the items in our shop are designed to help with your workouts. Whether you prefer yoga, cardio, dumbbell training, or jogging around the block, we have a huge variety of products to choose from. From weights and yoga mats to fitness apparel, you can find plenty of useful items in our shop.

The Ophellie Fit platform provides members with access to a wealth of resources, essential information, professional services, and ongoing guidance for anyone seeking to improve their wellbeing. An app-based model backed by a 24/7 advisory chat line allows anyone to level up their lifestyle in a way that works with their schedule, location, requirements, and unique goals.


A highly skilled exercise and life coaching network is on-call to help members prioritize their mental and physical development, and a wide range of health and wellness experts are available on-demand to offer support, advice, and recommendations tailored to the specific challenges members face at every stage of their journey. Scheduling a therapy session or a fitness consult is easy and convenient, and members are able to connect with others in the Ophellie Fit community for encouragement and support.


Self-help books, e-books, and videos, and guides support members with proven strategies to master their inner world through mindfulness, breathing, and meditation. Equally, a curated collection of instructional workout videos spanning a plethora of movement modalities and an information-rich library of recipes and meal ideas help members make the most of their physical health. Placing each member at the center of the experience, our platform empowers people to find what works for their lifestyle, be it regular weekly training, on-demand sessions, coaching when they need it most, or accessing expert insights that shape their perceptions and behaviors.


With a vision to see individuals from all walks of life thrive by taking a holistic approach to healing and enhancing the mind and body, Ophellie Fit provides an innovative, user-friendly platform brimming with solutions to the foremost obstacles that prevent many people from achieving their goals and living life to the fullest. While a vast range of supplemental services are available online, a centralized solution to building a flourishing body and mind is rare. Ophellie Fit provides the answer to this challenge by offering a comprehensive solution that is affordable, convenient, and most importantly, sustainable.


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OphellieFit believes in both physical and mental health. We provide a one-stop-shop that equips our customers with Workout training, weekly training, self-help e-books, self-help videos, recipes, shopping, and therapist services.





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Our community offers a fully holistic approach to better health. We target mental and physical fitness so that you have a shot at a better life. Our work is dedicated to bringing you closer to achieving your fitness goals and developing a fresh and healthier lifestyle.

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