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Evidence shows that exercising your abdominal muscles on their own won’t help you shed belly fat. You must use a mix of aerobic activity and strength training, such as lifting weights, to reduce the amount of fat stored throughout the body. Still confused? Say goodbye to shapewear. Sculpt your abs and blast away the stomach flab with a belly workout. Our selection of belly workout routines can help you lose belly fat. Try it yourself

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The Many Benefits of Belly Workout




Reduced Lower
Back Pain



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What our Customers say about us

Rebecca Brown / Manager

I’m not very good at writing reviews, but this one’s important. So, I just want to take a moment to thank everyone at Ophellie Fit. This application has changed my life for the better. With a video library of hundreds of recipes, e-books, guides, and workout routines, I’m glad I have everything on my smartphone, just a few clicks away. Thank you for this. I don’t miss my workouts anymore, and I’ll be forever grateful.

Sasha / Gymer

Okay, so I’m a 63kg woman who badly wanted to transform her body, not to impress the people around, but for my healthy self. After trying out a dozen fitness applications and wasting almost $500 on terrible memberships, I came across Ophellie Fit. I’m so, so happy I took a chance on this one because over the last six months, I was able to lose 12kgs. THAT’S HUGE! Wouldn’t be possible without Ophellie Fit. A massive thank you.

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